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Looking for a prenatal chiropractor who can support you and your wellness throughout your pregnancy? Galloway Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic support pregnant women using the Webster Technique to properly align the sacrum and pelvis to avoid and correct subluxations that cause pain and lengthen child labor. We have treated patients in Houston, Cypress, and Jersey Village, Texas since 1985 and can’t wait to support you throughout your journey to motherhood.

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Webster Technique Chiropractor

Not only do gentle chiropractic adjustments help reduce the pain associated with pregnancy and extra weight (like sciatica and pelvic/low back pain) but proper pelvis alignment also makes child labor shorter.

During pregnancy the ligaments and joints start loosening throughout the woman’s body in preparation for childbirth. Unfortunately this ligament and joint laxity can cause the unsteady pelvis and sacrum to shift slight, which can pinch nerves and cause painful conditions like sciatica. The goal of the Webster Technique is to improve the mom-to-be’s overall wellness and quality of life, while reducing pain, correcting imbalances, and expediting the labor and delivery time. Who doesn’t want a shorter labor?

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