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A graduate of Texas A&M University – College Station with a degree in Communications, Dr. Whitfield was unsure of what she wanted to do after graduation. After completing an internship in the administration department of St. Joseph’s Hospital she began to consider the health care field. She took the first job that was offered to her — a chiropractic assistant though she had little knowledge of chiropractic up to that point.

Helping Patients Naturally

While working as a CA, Dr. Whitfield completely fell in love with the practice. “I loved the field, who I worked for and mostly the patients.” She found it gratifying to be able to help her patients in such a noninvasive way, without the use of drugs or surgery.

“It’s incredible to see patients get better when they’ve been at the end of their rope with the medical community, then come to see us and turn their life around.” She recalls seeing older gentlemen, who were on the gruff side due to pain, transform into sweet individuals because of the relief they experienced with chiropractic.

Obtaining a Chiropractic Education

Dr. Whitfield earned her Doctor of Chiropractic at Texas Chiropractic College, graduating Salutatorian of her class in August 2015. She chose to study at Texas Chiropractic College based on the influence of her mentors and she also liked the location, as she was born and raised in Houston. “I was drawn to the scientific, evidenced-based model of Texas Chiropractic College.” During her time there Dr. Whitfield was very active in the student body holding many office positions, such as class President and secretary for the Student Texas Chiropractic Association. She was also involved in on campus organizations such as the World Congress of Chiropractic Students, Student American Chiropractic Association and the Student Body Association. Dr. Whitfield was awarded a Who’s Who nomination, membership into the on campus academic fraternity Omega Psi, and received academic recognition at graduation.

She began practicing under the training of Dr. Galloway in June 2016 and took over the practice in August of 2019.

She is now a member of the Texas Chiropractic Association, ACA Council on Nutrition and holds Diplomat status with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition.

Offering Conservative, Integrative Care
Always wanting to do what’s right and best for her patients, Dr. Whitfield takes a conservative, integrative approach to care. “By giving the body the right nutrients, at the right time, in conjunction with the proper therapies, the body can heal itself.”

She also believes in integrative medicine and collaborating with medical professionals to ensure patients get the best care possible. Dr. Whitfield looks at each person holistically, taking into account physical, emotional, socioeconomic and other factors in order to provide the highest quality care.

Providing Highly Specific Adjustments

Never using excessive force in her chiropractic care, Dr. Whitfield believes in giving highly specific segmental adjustments. Dr. Whitfield is trained in the Palmer method, but also uses a multitude of techniques like Diversified, Thompson, SOT blocking and Activator Methods®, which is a type of instrument adjusting technique. “I have a large arsenal of techniques and will use whatever is necessary to get the best results.”


Staying Active in NW Houston

Dr. Whitfield and her husband Brian, both Houston natives, have been married since 2012 and have a two daughters, Oakley and Riley, and a son, Bohdi. A devoted Aggie like the rest of her family, she likes to garden, golf and runs in her spare time. A beloved husky, Kai, and a calico cat, Sadie, round out their family.

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